Cecile Wimberley

Cecile Wimberley


The Outstanding Junior Member Contest, begun in 1963, honors young women who have truly promoted the goals and purposes of the National Society, and have participated in community activities. Chapters honor a junior member by nomination to Chapter Outstanding Junior.

Cecile Wimberley, now of the Long Island Chapter, was named 2010 Tennessee State Outstanding Junior during the 105th State Conference. Mrs. Wimberley currently holds the position of Tennessee Society State Regent. She has served as a page at the state and national level, as chairman of both state and national committees, and as Tennessee Society State Corresponding Secretary and Tennessee State Society First Vice Regent. In chapters she has served as Regent and has held many committee chairmanships.

A wife and mother, Mrs. Wimberley has devoted countless hours to community volunteer work. She has a BA from Lipscomb University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Tennessee. She automatically competed in the national level contest and was honored during Continental Congress as a National Finalist in the NSDAR Outstanding Junior Member Contest.

The Tennessee Society has established the Molly Stewart Fund which provides a monetary award to the State Outstanding Junior to help defray the expense of travel and lodging for her trip to Continental Congress in Washington, DC, the year of her award.

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