Metropolitan Nashville Flag



The flag of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County is the symbol of a dynamic, forward-looking government with justifiable pride in its past. Bold heraldic blue signifies the courage and conviction of its leaders throughout history. Deep gold denotes the richness of its land and resources. The official seal is encompassed by a circle of immaculate white, promising devotion to the well-being of all people of our community.

The seal is peaked by a fleur-de-lis invoking the Iris which brightens springtime in our metropolitan area. Radiating compass points direct the way to opportunities unlimited.

Inside the compass is the historic seal of the old City of Nashville combined with that of Davidson County. The Indian has been identified as Chief Oconostota, famous Cherokee leader, who holds the skull and implements of war which he and General James Robertson buried between them for peace.

Tobacco alludes to the wealth and cultivation of the land. The eagle, who neither flees nor fights a storm, but flies above it, betokens superiority, judgment, and strength in the face of danger. The stars on the shield represent the 15 states in the Union at the time Davidson County became chartered as a county of North Carolina in 1783. Tennessee became the 16th state in 1796.

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