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Any woman 18 years or older who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence is eligible to join the DAR. She will be asked to provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage and death, as well as of the Revolutionary War service of her patriot ancestor.

“When I joined DAR, it gave me an avenue to serve my community and to participate in ways that I hadn’t. It added a dimension to my life.”

 A complete list of accepted Revolutionary War service

DAR volunteers in chapters throughout the country can provide guidance and assistance with the application process. Admission to membership in the National Society is through a chapter or as a Member-At-Large.

Don’t know where to start? Fill out a Pedigree Chart (PDF) as completely as you can and bring it with you when you meet with the chapter representative. She will be able to guide you through the application process.

Genealogical Research System

The DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) is a combination of several databases created to organize the large quantity of information that the DAR has collected since its inception in 1890. Learn more about conducting research with the GRS.

When you have discovered your own genealogical background, check to see if someone has already joined DAR using your ancestor.  You might have a portion of a lineage in common.  To find out check the Descendants and Ancestor links in the GRS.

If you discover a common lineage in the GRS, you may want to see the complete DAR application detailing this lineage, called a record copy. Electronic record copies may be purchased directly from the GRS.

By completing the application process you will discover what countless other DAR members have discovered: the thrill of finding out how their ancestor helped to achieve American independence and a deeper appreciation of how what they did impacts our way of life today.

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Service may have been provided in one of the following ways:

  • Civil Service
  • Military Service
  • Patriotic Service
  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence


For further information about membership or to reach the webmaster, please email us.

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