The Zachariah Davies Chapter, NSDAR was organized on October 23, 1945 with twenty-three organizing members. Ellen Davies-Rodgers (Mrs. Hillman Philip Rodgers) served as the Organizing Regent, appointed by the Board of the National Society. Miss Ellen served as Chapter Regent from October 1946 until April 3, 1949 at which time she became Honorary Regent for Life. Davies Manor continues to be the official headquarters of the Chapter and members serve as docents. The Zachariah Davies Chapter celebrates over fifty years of continued service to "God, Home and Country." Throughout the years, the Chapter has been involved on the local, state and national level. The Chapter was responsible for the organization of the Old Stage Road Society of the Children of the American Revolution and continues to provide Senior leadership for tomorrow's future.

Ellen Davies, 1931 -- Click for Miss Ellen's biography
Ellen Davies-Rodgers
Miss Ellen's Biography


Ellen Davies-Rodgers (Mrs. Hillman P.), Organizing Regent   1945-1948
Mabel Williams Hughes (Mrs. Louis Wearen)    1948-1950
Maude Wellborn Bragg  (Mrs. Howard Starr)    1950-1952
Rosa Lee Evans Johnston (Mrs. Edward N.)    1952-1954
Margaret Griffin Cuningham (Mrs. Alexander M.)    1954-1956
Katheryne Enoch Dickey (Mrs. Lemual Earl)    1956-1958
Fern Foster Jarratt  (Mrs. Benjamin Tyus)    1958-1960
Hope Wentworth Madden (Mrs. Thomas L.)    1960-1962
Rebecca Barret Matthews (Mrs. Joseph C.)    1962-1965
Miriam Montgomery Wilson  (Mrs. Robert G.)    1965-1968
Willie Pearl Inman Fowler (Mrs. Fred T.)    1968-1971
Mildred Pyron Gragg (Mrs. J. Ralston)    1971-1974
Jennie Elizabeth Anderson Hill (Mrs. William Marvin)    1974-1977
Martha Jane Pullen Tibbs (Mrs. Eugene E.)    1977-1980
Ruth Ann Welting Ford (Mrs. Robert Malcolm)    1980-1983
Doris Ward Latting (Mrs. Alfred Feild)    1983-1986
Mercia Rita Jordan Neely (Mrs. Walter L.)    1986-1989
Margaret Mosby Rosella Kellum  (Mrs. James Riddell)  1989-1992
Elizabeth Ann Goforth Stoddard   (Mrs. William Ross)    1992-1995
Karen Fusselman Smith  (Mrs. John W.)    1995-1998
Sharon Louisa Ross (Miss)    1998-2001
Barbara Ann Graham Parker (Mrs. James Lewis)   2001-2004
Rae A. Savage (Mrs. W. Malcolm)   2004 - 2007
  ReBecca S. Van Patten Smith  2007 - 2010
  Cindy Parker James 2010 - Present
( Deceased)


Acred, Mrs. Herbert N. (Ruth Barron)   Archibald Barron, SC
Anderson, Mrs. Samuel A. (Helen Pomeroy Huff)   Rev. Benjamin Pomeroy, CT
Armour, Mrs. Amos (Addie Wellborn)   Lt Joseph Early, VA
Ashford, Mrs. P.Y. (Mamie Robbins)   Lt. Willis Green, VA & KY
Bazemore, Mrs. Marvin C. (Mary Rogers)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Bragg, Mrs. Howard S. ( Maude Wellborn)   Lt Joseph Early, VA
Case, Mrs. Ralph E. ( LaVerne Buckley)   Josiah Redditt, NC
Costello, Mrs. J.A. (Alma Priddy)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Creech, Mrs. Robert W. (Frances Welting)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Cunningham, Mrs. A.M. (Margaret Griffin)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Daley, Mrs. Charles C. (Martha Chester Adams)   Capt William Battle, NC
Daniels, Mrs. Thomas R. (Linnie Addah Beaty)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Davies, Mrs. Gillie M. (Frances Ina Stewart)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Davis, Mrs. Henry W. (Annie Laurie Thomas)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Dodd, Mrs. Allie G. (Allie B. Gandy)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Farley, Mrs. Forrest R. (Mozelle Reid)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Gandy, Miss Elba   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Gandy, Miss Frances   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Gandy, Miss Mary Louise   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Gandy, Miss Sarah B   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Griffin, Mrs. J.B. (Rubye Blakey)   Josiah Redditt, NC
Griffin, Mrs. Vance, (Terry Anderson)   Rev Benjamin Pomeroy, CT
Gross, Mrs. Robert M. (Norwin Norris)   Rueben Boston, VA
Guillod, Mrs. James A. (Minnie Lee Priddy)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Harlow, Mrs. Christopher W. (Helen Davis)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Harrell, Miss Addie Lee   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Herring, Mrs. Marshall L.  (Rubye Mae Harrell)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Hill, Mrs. Solon T.  (Ellen Wallace)   Lt. Thomas Wallace, VA
Horne, Mrs. Louis D. (Bond Beaty)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Hughes, Mrs. Lawrence T. (Mabel Claire Harrell)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Hughes, Mrs. L.W. (Mabel Claire Williams)   William Farr, NC, Ensign John Thomas, NC
Humphreys, Mrs. Clinton  (Lillian Wellborn)   Lt. Joseph Early, VA
Johnston, Mrs. Edward N. (Rosa Lee Evans)   John Currie, NC
Klein, Mrs. Victor Hill (Mildred Taylor)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
McDonald, Mrs. W.H. (Cora Wellborn)   Lt. Joseph Early, VA
Matthews, Mrs. Joseph (Rebecca Barret)   Capt John Polk
Meacham, Mrs, R.G. (Margaret Pauline Rhodes)   Ensign John Thomas, NC
Moore, Mrs. A.L. (Gertrude Rogers)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Nichols, Mrs. J. Harvey (Sarah Ellen Gandy)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Priddy, Miss Lola May   Zachariah Davies, VA
Priddy, Mrs. Minnie S.  (Minnie Lee Strong)   Zachariah Davies, VA
Priddy, Miss Nellie   Zachariah Davies, VA
Rodgers, Mrs. Hillman P. (Frances Ellen Davies)   Zachariah Davies, VA, Ensign John Thomas, NC
Schwaiger, Mrs. Frances M. (Emma Rogers)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Walker, Mrs. John P. (Mary Virginia Proctor)   Col. Richard Land, VA
Welting, Mrs. W.E. (Ruth May Gandy)   Joshua Ecklin, NC
Williams, Miss Charl O.   Walter Farr, NC

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