One of the requirements for membership in the NSDAR is a proven, direct lineage from either a man or woman who gave military, civil, or patriotic service to secure American independence between April 19, 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and November 26, 1783 (withdrawal of troops from New York).

Listed below are our chapter members’ ancestors listed by state of service.

Jeremiah Keeler, SGT

Davis Meredith, CPL

Thomas Farnsley Lovett, LT
Robert McGinty, PS
Jesse Stallings, SOL

Stephen Hayward, SGT
William Hoogs, CS, PS
Moses Ranger, PVT, CS

Peter Felt, Sgt., PS
Cotton Haynes, PS
William Mansur, PVT, PS

Timothy Sexton, SGT
Daniel Stockton, PS

Joseph De Groot, Militia

Johann Christian Bodenhamer, PS
James Bradley, PVT
William Carr, SGT
Thomas Cotton, CAPT, PS
Thomas Gibbons, PS
Bradley Gamble, SOL, CS
Thomas Hardeman, PS
Joseph Harding, MAJ, PS, CS
James Henry, CS
David Hickerson, SOL, CS
John Lewis, Sr., PS
Daniel McKenney, SGT, PS
Thomas R. Musick, PVT
Tillotson O’Brien, PVT
William Petty, Jr., PVT
James Potts, PVT
Jacob Seagraves, PVT
Charles Seale, CS
Thomas Seale, PS
Catherine Sharpe, PS
Samuel Sharp, PVT
Allen Sweat, PVT
Nathaniel Vannoy, CS
Tobias Williams, PVT
John Wright, Jr., CS, PS

Adam Alstott, CAPT, PS
Henry Goodman, PS
Mary Douglass Howell, PS
Nathaniel Patterson, PVT

Thomas R. Musick, PVT
Membrance Williams, SOL

Elizmond Basye, SOL
Joseph Black, LT
John Bradley, Jr., PVT, PS
Charles Burton, PS
William Butler, PVT
David Cashion, PVT
Peter Cockrill, PVT
George Cofer, CPL
Phineas Cox, PVT
Bradley Gamble, SOL, CS
Dorothy X .Hardeman, PS
Benjamin Higginbotham, PVT
George Holland, PS
William Lewis, PS
Joseph Martin, LtCol., PS, CS
William McClanahan, CAPT
Richard Morton, PS
Samuel Morton, PVT
Agnes Woodson Morton, PS
Joseph Morton, PS
Josiah Morton, LTCOL
Thomas Morton, PS
John Neely, Sol, PS
Samuel Newell, CAPT
Edward Pedigo, PVT, PS
James Ramsay, PVT
Cyrus L. Roberts, CAPT
Joseph Scales, PS
John Shelton, PS
Robert Sherman, PS
Thomas Aldrich Sykes, PVT
Phillip Wade, PS
Barthalomew Warren, PS
Jessee Witt, PVT
Thadeus Hartwidge Wormouth, PVT

Service Abbreviations

  • ADC – Aide-de-Campe
  • BG – Brigadier General
  • CAPT – Captain
  • CHP – Chaplain
  • CL – Continental Line
  • COL – Colonel
  • CPL – Corporal
  • CS – Civil Service
  • ENS – Ensign
  • FIF – Fifer
  • 1LT – First Lieutenant
  • LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
  • MAJ – Major
  • MM – Minute Man
  • NONCOM – Non-Commissioned Officer
  • ORDL – Orderly
  • PNSR – Pensioner
  • PS – Patriotic Service
  • PVT – Private
  • PVTR – Privateer
  • S.D.I.- Signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • SGT –  Sergeant
  • SGRMAJ – Sergeant Major
  • SOL – Soldier
  • STAFFOF – Staff Officer
  • WGM – Wagon Master
  • WPNSR – Wife who received a pension