Contest Entries:  Society submissions for contests should be emailed to the corresponding committee chairman and Sr. chairman or officer, and cc the Senior Second Vice President a copy of that society’s contest entry. Entries must be emailed by March 8. If you decide to mail your entries, they must be received by March 8. The Seniors will contact their Junior counterpart and decide upon the top three entries and advise the Senior Second Vice President by March 14 of the results.
Contests are based on the National Program Packet ( Please read the program and contests as this information is the criteria for the judging. If you enter a contest and do not follow the criteria as set forth by National, then your entry will not be eligible to win.
If there are more than one contest listed in the National Program Packet, then that is the same amount of contests that will be judged. (Example: National First Vice President – 1. Local society with the best program and 2. Local society with the most volunteer hours per member. In this case there are two contests for the National First Vice President program)
Please email me or call me with any questions.
Tabitha Myers