Chapter Officers

2022-2025 Executive Board – Jennifer Sawyer Harvey Chapter Regent; Candace Barger Chapter First Vice Regent; Susan Whelchel Chapter Second Vice Regent; Teresa Rimer Chapter Chaplain; Donna Dodson Chapter Recording Secretary; Jean Drew Chapter Corresponding Secretary; Debra Croft Chapter Treasurer; Susan Sawyer Chapter Registrar; Linda Mines Chapter Historian; Sheri Conlon Chapter Librarian; and Luanne DeWitt Chapter Parliamentarian, appointed; Jessica Dumitru Executive Member; Tabitha Lanning Executive Member

Working together to meet the State and National Society goals established for HISTORIC PRESERVATION, EDUCATION, and PATRIOTISM.

National Society Executive Board

Members servings the National Society: Jennifer Harvey – Lineage Research-Virtual Assistant

Tennessee State Society Officers

Members serving the State Society: Luanne DeWitt-Insignia, State Chair; Jean Drew-Lineage Research-State VC-Cherokee, State Project Book-State VC-Technical, SAT-Application Reviewer; Jessica Dumitru-District Secretary-Cherokee, Page-State Chair, Conference-Page Liaison-State VC, TN Page Club-President 2022-2023; Wanda Garrett-Bylaw-Committee Member, SAT Application Preparer and Reviewer; Jennifer Rimer Groot-Service to America-State VC; Jennifer Harvey-State Project Book-DVC Sales-Cherokee, SAT Application Reviewer; Linda Moss Mines-Historic Preservation Cemetery-State VC, Speaker Staff-Member, Correspondent Docent in Training; Teresa Rimer-Service to America-State Chair, SAT Application Preparer; Sarah Roach-State Project Book-State Co-Chair, SAT Application Reviewer; Stephanie Young-Service to America-State VC