Mildred Cash Mathes (Mrs. J. Harvey), the first Tennessee Daughter to join the DAR, was the first appointed regent of the Dolley Madison, Number Two, Chapter. The chapter was founded in Mrs. Mathes' home on December 18, 1892. Additional founding officers were as follows:

Secretary: Caroline Chapman
Treasurer: Margaret Scudder
Registrar: Katherine Smithsland

Other founding members were Elizabeth Buchanan (Mrs. A.S.), Florence Farrington (Mrs. W. H.), Sally Dellahunty, Mildred Mathes, Adeline Meyers (Mrs. H.P.), Minnie Walker (Mrs. H.C.), Susie Perkins (Mrs. Calvin), Lou Thomas (Mrs. William), and Annabel Watson (Mrs. J.H.), who succeeded Mrs. Mathes as Chapter Regent when Mrs. Mathes became State Regent.

At the first meeting of the Dolley Madison, Number Two, Chapter, Mrs. Mathes' dining table was appropriately spread with a tablecloth that had belonged to Major Patrick Ferguson, Commander of the British forces at the Battle of King's Mountain, where Major Ferguson was killed. The cloth engendered the spirit of independence reminiscent of the American Revolution.

In the 1896-1897 DAR year, the Dolley Madison Chapter name was changed to Hermitage in honor of the Centennial Anniversary of the state of Tennessee.

Mrs. Mathes was the organizing regent of fourteen DAR chapters. Over the years, Tennessee chapters have grown to more than one hundred strong. During the 1998-1999 year, Hermitage Chapter welcomed into membership Nancy Mathes Sprouse, the great- granddaughter of Mildred Cash Mathes. In July 2008 the daughters of the Fort Assumption chapter merged with the Hermitage chapter. As the original chapter in the state, Hermitage continues to be the flagship chapter of the Tennessee Society.

In 2008, the daughters of Ft. Assumption Chapter merged with Hermitage, melding two of the oldest chapters in Tennessee. The chapter proudly celebrated its One Hundred Twentieth Anniversary in December of 2012. As the original chapter in the state, Hermitage continues to be the flagship of the Tennessee Society.





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