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Revolutionary War ancestors of chapter members are listed in alphabetical order in the following table, along with the state where each ancestor served. For more information, please email. The chapter contact will pass your message to the appropriate member. Be sure to include a form of contact such as your email address or mailing address.


Alford, Pelatiah CT
Alsobrooks, William NC
Armstrong, William (Captain) NC
Baldridge, Alexander NC
Barnard, John CT
Blaydes, William VA
Boddie, Nathaniel NC
Brisbin, William PA
Brockett, William SC
Brown, John NC
Buchanan, Archibald VA
Carver, Christian NC
Charlton, John VA
Coleman, Eunice Hawes VA
Crowley, Royal MA
Dearing, James VA
Durham, Samuel KY
DuVal, Samuel VA
Edwards, Andrew VA
Fox, Jr., John MA
Fulcher, Philip VA
Gilliam, James VA
Goodwin, David SC
Gower, Jr., Abel NC
Guthrie, Henry NC
Hale, David MA
Hamilton, George NC
Haralson, Paul NC
Harper, Issac PA
Hemphill, Thomas (Captain) NC
Hunt, Thomas NC
Ingraham, James VA
James, Evan MD
Keels, John SC
Kelton, William NC
Kerr, Jr., James NC
Kirby, Jesse VA
Lenoir, William NC
Liles, Lewis NC
Lipscomb, Thomas VA
Lytle, William (Captain) NC
Mayfield, James NC
McCormick, John NC
McCrory, James NC
McKenney, Daniel NC
McMurtry, John PA
McNairy, Francis NC
Michie, George VA
Montgomery, William PA
Moore, Robert (Captain) NC
Morton, James B. (Major) VA
Nelson, John NC
Niblack, John KY
Nolen, John TN
Officer, James VA
Orr, William NC
Pamplin, William VA
Paschal, Elisha NC
Pearson, William PA
Phillips, David KY
Pledger, Philip SC
Porter, John NC
Quarles, William Pierce VA
Reid, George NC
Roberts, Cyrus L. (Captain) VA
Rowe, George VA
Sarrett, John NC
Scurlock, James NC
Shoffner, Martin NC
Spalding, Benedict MD
Starling, Heinrich NY
Tarrant, Leonard (Captain) VA
Turnley, John VA
Vawter, Jesse VA
Whitenack, Andreas NJ
Wilcoxson, Daniel (Lieutenant) NC
Witcher, Daniel VA
Witcher, Sr., William VA
Woods, Archibald (Captain) VA
Wootten, Thomas (Colonel) NC