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Travellers Rest Chapter, NSDAR, was organized March 10, 1970, in Brentwood, Williamson County, Tennessee. There were thirteen members present at the organizing meeting. Mrs. Ben Allen Muse was elected regent and served from 1970-1974.

The chapter was named for Travellers Rest, the historic home of Judge John Overton, a close friend of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.  In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, John Overton became one of Tennessee's most influential citizens.  During his lifetime, he amassed a vast fortune, as well as gained the respect of businessmen and presidents.  He was a law student, tax collector, land speculator, Tennessee Supreme Court Judge, planter, banker, presidential advisor to Andrew Jackson, and cofounder of Memphis.

The tenth anniversary of Travellers Rest Chapter was celebrated during the administration of Mrs. Joe T. Cooke, with an impressive ceremony held at Johnson's Chapel United Methodist Church. Following the ceremony, a bronze DAR marker was placed there at the grave of Major John Johnston, a Revolutionary War officer.

Members who have served the National Society include Mrs. Lee Enoch as Chairman of Public Relations, Mrs. Martin Mepyans as DAR Correspondent Docent, and Mrs. Edward Schumacher as the NSDAR Area Representative for the Speakers' Staff. Members who have served at the state level include Mrs. Lee Enoch, Mrs. Joe Cooke, Mrs. Edward Schumacher, Mrs. Jason Padgett, Mrs. Phillip Myers, and Mrs. Carl Wood.

The chapter sponsored the Judge John McNairy Society, Children of the American Revolution with Mrs. Lee Enoch serving as senior president from 1973-1983, and her daughter, Dr. Morel Enoch, followed in her footsteps for four years. Other members assisting with founding the society were Mrs. Cooke and Mrs. James L. Fowler. Recently the society was re-organized with Mrs. William Robinson serving as senior president.

Travellers Rest is a chapter always receiving highest awards for excellence for chapter achievements and yearbook and continues to be outstanding.