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Joining DAR

The National Society Daughters of  the  American Revolution has welcomed over one million members since its founding in 1890. Over four hundred of these Daughters have proudly called the Nolachuckey Chapter, NSDAR, home. Our Daughters have diverse backgrounds and robust skillsets that  they  bring to our chapter’s work. Daughters join for different reasons; however, DAR offers so many ways to be involved that all members find ways to participate that align with their own membership goals.

“I joined the Nolachuckey Chapter because I have a deep love of this area and a desire to learn more about my ancestors who settled here and made it home. Family genealogy is a hobby of mine, but the friendships I’ve made through the DAR are dear to my heart.”

Kelly Boles


DAR member since 2017

“I decided to become a DAR member after researching my husband’s genealogy in Greene County. Being from NC, my research was much more difficult while I was working. I was able to make visits to my parents and do the needed research to join. My extended family thoroughly enjoys my research when I attend reunions. I love DAR and what it has meant to me!”

Carolyn Gregg


DAR member since 1984

“I joined because a very good friend asked me to do so. I love that the DAR supports veterans that are alive and serving today and also honors veterans that fought so gallantly to preserve our new nation during the American Revolution. I certainly admire all the members who volunteer hours and hours of time serving others. To me it is an honor and a privilege to be a Daughter.”

Madge Walker Square


DAR member since 1979

“I am interested in history and genealogy, so I joined the DAR to document my family heritage. What I encountered in our local chapter was a warm welcome from a wonderful group of industrious, talented women serving their community through the DAR. I am proud to be a part of the Nolachuckey Chapter.”


DAR member since 2018

Begin Your DAR Journey Today!

Membership Eligibility

You are eligible for DAR membership if you are female, 18 years old or older, and able to prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided via military, patriotic, or civil service in achieving American independence. You do not need to have knowledge of a Patriot ancestor in your family tree before contacting us.

How To Join

Our chapter has a long history of helping prospective members successfully complete their application. Our chapter volunteers are excited to help you complete your research and application. Your first step in joining the Nolachuckey Chapter, NSDAR, is simply to contact us.