Each member of the Bonny Kate Chapter, NSDAR, can trace their lineage back to at least one of the Patriot ancestors listed below. These Patriots fought in the American Revolutionary War or in some way aided the cause for American freedom. Patriots are listed alphabetically by the state where they served.


Isaac Ferris, Patriotic Service


Manual Mcconnell, Private

Dionysius Oliver, Soldier/Civil Service


Patrick Ewing, Civil Service/Patriotic Service

John Gibson, Private

Timothy Reagan, Private


William Colburn, Private

Amos Ray, Private

New Hampshire

Antipas Howe, Private

New Jersey

Thomas Atchley, Private

Christopher Crose, Civil Service

Leonard Fite, Private

John Fitzrandolph, Private

New York

Samuel Pettengill, Captain/Patriotic Service

North Carolina

James Britton, Patriotic Service

John Bryan, Captain

John Collins, Sergeant Major/Patriotic Service

Frederick Cooper, Corporal

Wooldrich Fritts, Private

Brinkley Gandy, Private

John Gillespie, Patriotic Service

Nicholas Grindstaff, Private

Thomas Hall, Private/Patriotic Service

Thomas Hemphill, Captain

Robert Jennings, Patriotic Service

James Kendrick, Captain/Civil Service 

Solomon Lewis, Private/Patriotic Service

Thomas Lloyd, Lieutenant

Martin Miller, Non-Commissioned Officer

John Mills, Patriotic Service

John Russell, Captain/Patriotic Service

Johann Martin Shultz, Soldier/Patriotic Service

Jacob Van Hook, Sergeant


Frederick Cooper, Corporal

Zachariah Davis, Private

Nicholas Firestone, Private

Baltzer Frank, Private

Harman Greathouse, Jr., Private

John Jordan, Private

South Carolina

John Carr, Private

John Collins, Sergeant Major/Patriotic Service

Manual Mcconnell, Private

Evan Prothro, Soldier/Patriotic Service 

Nicholas Seahorn, Jr., Soldier


Thomas Atchley, Private

Caleb Baker, Patriotic Service

Charles Barker, Soldier

Henry Bishop, Private

William Bruce, Sergeant

Levi Carter, Private

David Chadwell, Captain/Patriotic Service

Rowland Chiles, Patriotic Service

William Cloud, Patriotic Service 

John Collins, Sergeant Major/Patriotic Service

Joseph Covenhoven, Private

Curd Cox, Private 

William Greenway, Private/Patriotic Service

Benjamin Hancock, Lieutenant

John Hancock, Patriotic Service

John Hickey, Patriotic Service 

Lewis Hickle, Soldier

Nicholas Hobson, Captain

George Holland, Patriotic Service

John Hopkins, Colonel/Patriotic Service

John Hunter, Patriotic Service

John Jernigan, Patriotic Service

Peter Keener, Patriotic Service

Joseph Keyser, Soldier

James Lane, Private

Jacob Layman, Private

Sherwood Mays, Patriotic Service

Israel Mcbee, Private

George Mcnutt, Soldier

George Reeves, Patriotic Service

Edward Robinson Sr., Patriotic Service

Stephen Robinson, Private

William Rogers, Private

Absalom Rutherford, Private

Samuel Sharp, Private

Peter Shipe, Patriotic Service

William Skelton, Private

Ambrose Smith, Private

Philip Sonner, Soldier/Patriotic Service

William Sorrow, Patriotic Service 

John Tipton, Colonel/Civil Service/Patriotic Service

Francis Turner, Patriotic Service

John White Sr., Patriotic Service

William Whitfield, Private

Shadrack Williams, Private/Patriotic ServiceĀ 

Richard Worsham