Many cemeteries honor Revolutionary War patriots with special markers

and a brief history of nearby battles.

Patriots are honored by special markers

The proven patriots to whom our members are directly related:

William Brimer – North Carolina

John Blair – North Carolina

Hugh Blair – North Carolina

Thomas Cantrell – North Carolina

John Carmichael – Pennsylvania

Charles Cornelius – Virginia

William Cornelius – Virginia

Nathan Deane – Massachusetts

James DeLay – North Carolina

Thomas Dixon – Maryland

Matthew Duke – North Carolina

Frederick Emmert – Pennsylvania

John Ford – Virginia

James Fulford – North Carolina

Thomas Gaines – Virginia

William Green – Rhode Island

George Hamilton – North Carolina

Samuel Henry – Virginia

Michael Holt – North Carolina

Michael Hyder/Hider – North Carolina

Thomas Jennings – Virginia

Joseph Johnston – Virginia

Benjamin Marion – South Carolina

Thomas Maxwell – Virginia

James McGill – Virginia

Daniel McKinney – North Carolina

Francis Moser/Musser – North Carolina & Maryland

Nimrod Newman – Virginia

Samuel Porter – Connecticut

Johannes Quattlebaum – South Carolina

Joseph Rhea/Ray – Virginia

Catherine Sharp – North Carolina

Francis Summit – North Carolina

Leroy Taylor – North Carolina

Thomas Word – South Carolina

Henry Timmerman/Zimmerman – New York

Photo courtesy of Find-a-Grave. The Revolutionary War Cemetery is located in Deposit, New York. This cemetery was used originally as an Indian burial ground. After the Revolutionary War it was used as a burial ground for local veterans. It was also used for veterans of the War of 1812.