Thank you for visiting the online home of the Judge David Campbell Chapter,
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR)!
We are proud to be continuing the tradition of active service with the
NSDAR that was begun by the pioneering founders of our chapter in 1915.

We welcome all women, 18 years and older, who can trace their lineage to a Patriot of the American Revolutionary War. Our members represent women from all walks of life who come together to serve
God, Home, and Country through their activities with the DAR.

Photos courtesy of chapter members

Founded on October 11, 1890, the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has it roots in patriotism and service. Feeling excluded from the organizations of the time which were exclusively open to men, a group of passionate and pioneering women in Washington, D.C., founded their own organization; the Daughters of the American Revolution. Letitia Green Stevenson wrote, recounting the events leading to the founding of the Society, “It became apparent that if women were to accomplish any distinctive patriotic work, it must be within their own circle, and under their own leadership. The ardor and zeal of a few undaunted women never flagged, and their determination to organize a distinct woman’s society became a fixed purpose.”

For over 130 years, the DAR has focused on three objectives: historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Having admitted over One Million members since its inception, the Daughters of the American Revolution continues to grow and serve the communities in which its members reside. For more information, please visit the NSDAR website.

If you are interested in joining the Judge David Campbell Chapter, NSDAR, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!