About the Judge David Campbell Chapter, NSDAR

Welcome! Ours is not a social club, although we certainly have our share of fun!  More importantly, we strive to make a difference in the lives of others in our community, state, and nation. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution is a women’s organization devoted to volunteer service, historic preservation, improving education for our youth, and promoting patriotism.  We are a non-profit and non-political organization. We are not a  genealogical society, although we are all bound by the common thread of having an American Revolutionary War Patriot as an ancestor.  View the video “Today’s DAR” to learn more about the DAR.

We are an active multi-generational chapter, and we are always excited to welcome new members. Many of our over 160 members work or attend school full time and cannot attend daytime meetings. They are nonetheless important to the group as participants in events and service projects. Many of our members have children who are members of the National Society Children of the American Revolution (N.S.C.A.R.). These members and their children benefit from attendance at meetings and chapter activities. Our chapter members love having the younger generation attend and take part!

Photos courtesy of chapter members

How is work accomplished? Most of the volunteer work of DAR is accomplished under a committee system that promotes the mission of the Society in historic preservation, education, and patriotism.  

How are DAR chapters involved? Volunteer work is accomplished by our chapters, which receive direction and ideas from the National and State Societies.

How do we become acquainted? We encourage prospective members to attend as many of our meetings as they are able. A chapter meeting is a good opportunity for us to meet you.  Please contact us a week or so ahead of the second Wednesday of the month to secure a reservation if you would like to attend.  

We welcome you to visit us at one of our monthly luncheon meetings held at local meeting facilities on the second Wednesday of each month from February through June and September through December. The 11 a.m. business session follows a social period beginning at 10:15 a.m., and we have a program presented at each meeting before lunch is served. Reservations for all meetings are required.

Every year, the November meeting is a joint luncheon hosted by the five chapters that make up the Chattanooga Regents Council. At this meeting members from all five local chapters join together, and details for that meeting are provided to members by their chapter.

What makes DAR so great? As a member of the DAR, you join thousands of patriotic, service-minded women who form bonds of friendship that last a lifetime. Working together with members across the country and around the world, you honor American Revolutionary War ancestors, preserve America’s history, promote and help better education in our schools, and celebrate patriotism in your communities. We would love to have you join this vibrant group of women!