Become a member

Any female who is at least 18 years old is invited to apply. You may contact us directly by emailing us or visiting the NSDAR website to complete the application information sheet. Fill it in with as much as you know about your family roots, and email it to the address indicated on the form. Once your name is added to our prospective member database, we will invite you to chapter meetings and events while you are accumulating documentation for the names, dates, and places on the form.

Even if you do not know much about the older generations of your family, we often can find your connection to a Patriot in the American Revolutionary War with the information you have. After you submit your application information sheet, you can help our volunteer genealogists help you find your American Revolutionary War ancestor by completing this pedigree chart. To assist the genealogist, we also request that you supply birth certificates with parents’ names, and marriage, and death certificates as applicable with the chapter’s application information sheet, if possible. Remember, the number of potential Patriots in your family tree doubles with each generation.

How do I start my lineage research? If you are interested in joining DAR, gather your own birth and marriage certificates, plus your parents’ birth, marriage, and death (if applicable) certificates. For each birth certificate submitted, be sure that the certificate shows the names of the parents of the child (many omit this information, and it is essential to our documentation). We will guide you from there.

What constitutes acceptable patriotic service?  The National Society accepts service, with some exceptions, for the period between 19 April 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and 26 November 1783 (withdrawal of British Troops from New York).  This service is not limited to men or those who were enlisted in the military during this period! Many men and women provided service during the American Revolutionary War by paying taxes, providing food and/or supplies to the troops, or other activities which qualify them as a Patriot for DAR membership. Please visit the NSDAR website for additional guidance.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Again, we are glad you are interested in DAR and look forward to having you join us. If you have any questions about DAR or our chapter, feel free to email us.