State Regent

Cecile Wimberley

Since joining my mother’s chapter as a Junior member in 1995, this organization has given me tremendous opportunities to learn and grow as a leader and has provided me with some of my closest friendships. Being able to honor my Patriot ancestor Lt. James Delay with my service to God, Home, and County while giving back to my community through historic preservation, patriotic, and educational endeavors has given me a purpose that I could not have experienced as a member of any other women’s organization. Simply put, my DAR membership is one of the greatest gifts my mother ever gave me. 

First Vice Regent

Emily Robinson

When I first joined the DAR, I was the mother of school-age children and was looking for a way to become involved in the community outside of their school and extracurricular activities. The DAR gave me the opportunity to step beyond my roles of wife, mother, and employee and to meet other women who are passionate about preserving our American history, encouraging education, and promoting patriotism. This organization became even more meaningful to me when my mother, sister, and daughter joined. Serving our nation and community with wonderful women, both family and friends, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Second Vice Regent

Carol Teeters

My parents instilled a love of country and a commitment to community service in me at a very young age. Upon joining the DAR as a Junior member in 1988, I found an organization that values and encourages patriotic service in our communities and nation. I can honor and preserve the legacy of not only my Patriot ancestors, but of ALL of those Patriots – past, present, and future – who serve or have served our country. As a teacher, I see the necessity of providing our students with a strong foundation in civics and history which is something DAR strives to do. DAR has offered me the opportunity to develop planning and leadership skills, and through this organization I have met amazing women from all over the country who have become my mentors and friends. I am privileged to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution!


Nannette Feeback

I joined the DAR on the urging of my aunt. If only I had known about the DAR earlier! As the daughter of an American history teacher, I have always loved learning about our country’s history. This organization has given me the opportunity to share that passion in my community and state making history come alive through service and education. It is in this shared passion for God, Home, and Country that I have made lifelong friends across the states that I treasure the most.

Recording Secretary

Debby Parker

My mother, and then my sister, joined the DAR before me and both became very active. I soon realized that I too should join (if I ever wanted to spend time with them again). After joining, I became involved right away and discovered that DAR was the perfect way to show my love of country and fulfill my desire to help others. I soon made lifelong friends and experienced the thrill of being a part of something so rewarding. Service to God, Home, and Country has given me purpose and satisfaction! You don’t have to be a genealogy buff to be a DAR!

Corresponding Secretary

Brenda Grinder

I became interested in DAR on a day trip to Mississippi for a quilting project with my Aunt Kathleen. She wanted to stop by a longtime friend’s home while we were in the area. Both my parents were born and raised in the area. While visiting her friend, I noticed a large book on her table. She had been working on genealogy paperwork as well as a county historical book to sell for the Historical Society. This piqued my interest in generations of my family from the area. She was kind enough to give me her contact information.

I had been busy keeping my first granddaughter while my daughter-in-law painted commissioned children’s portraits. When she started attending kindergarten, I purused DAR chapters in my area online. I attended a chapter meeting and “eventually” became the first in my family to become a DAR member in 2008. My two sisters became members soon after. We have used State Conference and Continental Congress to have “sister time” since we no longer live as close as we once did. DAR is one of the very best service organizations celebrating God, Home, and Country.

Organizing Secretary

MerryAnne Pierson

My reason for joining DAR was first having an interest in history and honoring my Patriot ancestor John Jacob Wolfe. My grandmother had shared his history with me when I was young. More important are the reasons I’ve stayed a member: the opportunity to meet like-minded women; the friendships I’ve developed; cousins I’ve met that I never knew about; and the opportunities for volunteer services. I enjoy working with the veterans and school children and helping others join the DAR. Genealogy is my favorite hobby!


Sandra Long

In 2010, while rummaging through some old (1975) keepsakes, I stumbled upon a newspaper article commemorating the grave marking of my Patriot ancestor, Major George Dawson Blackmore. This peaked my curiosity about the DAR, so I reached out to the local chapter. Ten years later, I have discovered over twenty Patriot ancestors! I have also discovered an organization filled with interesting women from all walks of life who have a passion for patriotism, an enthusiasm for education, and a devotion to historic preservation. Together we serve our communities and our nation. 


Sarah Roach

The regent of a local DAR chapter lived next door to my grandmother, and as a teenager, I learned about DAR by listening intently to them talk for hours about the organization and the amazing projects and events that its members were constantly involved in. After graduating from college with a degree in United States history, I joined DAR and quickly paired my degree with DAR’s genealogy and historic preservation activities and my love of the United States with their patriotic activities to honor my Dad, a WWII veteran. DAR has been a fundamental part of my life for over 40 years, and I am extremely proud to be a DAR Daughter, provide support and assistance to my community, and share this wonderful organization with so many talented women across our nation.


Felicia Hix

For my 38th birthday, my father researched and gathered the documentation necessary for me to join the DAR. He was active in the local historical society and a member of the Sons of the Revolution. With much help from his local DAR chapter, he completed and submitted my application for membership. Today, I am proud to continue membership as a way to honor my American Revolutionary War ancestors and promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism in my community.


Amanda Hillard

While in my late 20s, my grandmother was telling me about our family history and how proud she was that we were eligible for DAR. She urged me to look into joining, but I didn’t really know anything about the organization and was hesitant. I finally reached out to a local chapter and attended a meeting. These ladies were AMAZING – full of energy and excited about historic preservation, education, and patriotism! Before I knew it, I was volunteering for activities, inviting my friends to join me, and truly enjoying every moment that I spent with my DAR family. I wish I had joined earlier!


Betty Stevens

I joined DAR in 1962 at my mother’s request. She was the Registrar, and I had typed many papers for her chapter in the old manual way with carbon paper! How awful if you made a mistake.
I have been actively involved since I retired in 1996 and have enjoyed every minute of my activities with the Tennessee Society.  I kept my membership up all those years in between and am so very glad. The friends I’ve made far and near are among my most valuable treasures.